Keynote Presentations

In order for the company to achieve maximum productivity and performance you need motivated individuals working as a team.

Brennon skilfully and humorously weaves his messages into stories and experiences that people can relate to and use in their professional lives.  To reinforce his words, Brennon wows the audience with a step–by-step live demonstration on the pommel horse culminating in the performance of his 9.9 gold medal winning pommel horse routine.

  • Are you looking for a speaker to open or close your conference on a high?
  • Would your company be more profitable if your employees were passionate, motivated and worked together as a team?
  • Would your results improve if your employees were healthier and performed at their best?
  • Are you looking for a unique, world- class speaker to make your event a hit?
3 years after your presentation, my employees still mention “the amazing guy on the pommel horse” and how your “15 minute secret to success” changed their ability to focus on and achieve their goals. I think it is time we booked you again so our new staff can benefit as well. Universal Express