Building Success on Strong Foundations

The importance of getting the basics right

Brennon’s high-energy presentation will be the highlight of your conference or event.  To reinforce his words on the importance of taking steps to build on strong foundations, Brennon gives a live display on the pommel horse, demonstrating the skills he took many years to learn in order to construct his 9.9 Gold Medal winning routine.  Your audience will come away inspired to give 100% to everyday tasks. Not only does this benefit the foundations of your team or company but they will achieve success beyond even their own dreams.

Results of this presentation

  • Attention to detail in completing tasks
  • Understanding of the long-term efforts needed to reach desired outcomes.
  • Appreciation of the importance of the process needed to achieve goals
It takes a lot for a presenter to get up on stage, tell a story and still be able to deliver something fresh and unique.  Brennon’s presentation was equal to the best I have ever seen.  Where it was strongest was the reference to the discipline and foundation required before you can truly taste success, and the importance of continuing to build and develop once you are there. AXA