Finding the Competitive Edge

How 15 minutes a day can change your life

Throughout his sporting career Brennon devoted an extra 15 minutes a day to a task that would help him achieve particular goals.  Often this task was in an area he was having difficulty in, or it was during a period of time when he would review his goals to make sure he was working in the right direction.  Incredibly this extra 15 minutes focus a day added up to an extra 70 hours per year.  This additional focus can give you a powerful edge over your competition both visiter le site web du posteur mentally and in terms of goals achieved.

Results of this presentation

  • Renewed and focused goals
  • Application to difficult or challenging tasks
  • Greater productivity
Congratulations on the best performances I have seen. There is no question as to weather or not you spent the extra fifteen minutes honing you words, actions and passion to deliver a memorable presentation. Our delegates voted your performance as the best at the conference – need I say more! Bakers Delight