Teamwork for the Individual

Why teamwork is so important to individual and company success

Everyone has their own workloads, challenges and stresses.  Teamwork is a term that is often mentioned within companies; however, it is rarely sold as an attractive option for the individual worker.  What most people don’t realise is that working with and learning from your colleagues will not only help reach your team’s goals but will increase your individual success as well.

Results of this presentation

  • Individual commitment to teamwork
  • Better functioning and more effective teams
  • Achievement of desired outcomes

Your presentation was nothing short of awesome, and was even better than I had imagined it could be.  It set the Conference off at a pace of excitement and enthusiasm, the perfect foundation for our event.  Compass Pools

Brennon Dowrick was amazing, he had our 100 sales representatives hanging on his every word – and action. His tips for success obviously work – many of our reps have told me how effective his ideas for increasing their personal productivity were. I appreciated his focus on the individual’s role in teams. I believe that he helped facilitate a complete attitude shift in my team – from” I” to “we” and we are reaping the rewards. Fujitsu