Performance Max

Performance Max one-day tailored health and fitness programs

Performance Max is a corporate experience in health and fitness awareness. It is unique, fun and relevant to individual and organizational success.   The Performance Max experience is fully tailored to meet and exceed goals for your team’s health and fitness and their ability to be effective and productive employees.

Performance Max brings together the best of the best, five of Australia’s top sports science, medicine, fitness and motivational experts. A Performance Max day will change your approach to mind and body health, and race you along the path to increasing personal and corporate productivity.

Performance Max presenters are the team behind Australia’s sporting champions. Each session will focus on the successful strategies of sporting champions that everyone can use to increase their own performance.

The Performance Max five key areas are

  • Fitness for Life
  • Stress Management
  • Nutrition on the Move
  • Body Maintenance
  • Motivation.

Performance Max programs are available for groups of 10 to 100 persons. Alternatively you may wish to book one of our presenters individually.

Call + 61 7 5447 3576 for more information.

Performance Max was the highlight of our two-day conference.  Each Performance Max presenter educated and inspired our team in their area of expertise.  The day was fast paced, fun and informative but most importantly the messages about the importance of health and fitness to your ability to perform at work and at play really worked!  Six months on and employees are healthier and more motivated and that has translated into better results all round.

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