We have received overwhelming feedback from delegates regarding Brennon’s inspirational, motivational and physically challenging presentation. He challenged us to raise the bar in our every day lives to be the best we can be and not accept the mediocre. Brennon performed his gold medal winning pommel horse routine during his presentation, which took our breath away, and he received a standing ovation. Brennon Dowrick’s presentation was outstanding – without a doubt Brennon is one of the best motivational speakers
Count Wealth Accountants
It takes a lot for a presenter to get up on stage, tell a story, and still be able to deliver something fresh and unique. I thought the presentation was equal to the best I have seen. Where it was strongest was the reference to discipline and the foundation required before you can truly taste success – and the importance of continuing to build and develop once you are there.
AXA Insurance
A unique and exhilarating speaker – not only does Brennon convey important messages dealing with team work and putting in the extra effort to ensure results… he demonstrates the principles physically! Amazing and inspiring to all our staff that attended – 100% positive feedback. Brennon walks the talk! I would have no hesitation in recommending Brennon to any organisation that wants to motivate their people – the finale to the presentation was literally a gold medal performance
Corporate Express
In the fifteen years I have been involved in coordinating our conference I have never received such positive feedback from my Suppliers to a presentation as delivered by Brennon Dowrick. Brennon delivered a personable and dynamic presentation, which was nothing short of awe inspiring. He left our delegates with a true belief in themselves and what hard work and determination can deliver. If your conference requires a unique performance that inspires teamwork & passion for excellence then Brennon will exceed your expectations.
What can I say, having organised many conferences over the last ten years I have come across hundreds of different speakers. There are less than a handful that I would highly recommend for their amazing presentation skills, their motivational effect on the audience, their message and their complete professionalism and ‘willing to help’ attitude when organising their attendance. Brennon Dowrick is one and to take it even further, someone who will blow your audience away. One year later they still talk about him and he is the one person we have asked to present again.“
Fitness First
The feedback from the attendees at all sessions on your presentation, participation, professionalism and of course humor was truly fantastic. They loved it!
Brennon’s presentation was exceptional! A true professional who captured the imagination of our clients and left them wanting more. Brennon successfully conveys a valuable message about team work and commitment to outcomes by showing how that little extra effort can help you achieve your goals. His unique approach culminating in his phenomenal pommel horse routine exemplifies his messages. I would highly recommend Brennon to anyone who wants to ‘wow’ their audience. To top it off he is an absolute pleasure to work with
Brennon was without doubt the hero of our Roadshow – his professionalism, his story and his energy was extremely welcomed and he was an absolute pleasure to work with. A week on the road was extremely demanding and he kept us all in great sprits and his story continued to inspire us.
Red Rooster
In planning for our national financial planning conference we were looking for a speaker who could demonstrate the principle of ‘practice makes perfect’. When we met Brennon there was no doubt that he was the ideal fit. In telling his story Brennon demonstrates that having the right attitude and a persistent focus can result in achieving the goals you set for yourself. Brennon engaged the audience on his journey to success, allowing them to draw their own comparisons between his experiences and their careers. Our conference ran in 4 locations around Australia and Brennon ensured that his level of energy was consistent and he always made the time to speak to the delegates after his presentations. Brennon was a pleasure to work with and was the most popular speaker at our conference
BT Funds Management
With all the challenges that the global financial crisis has created in our business. It was important for our franchisees to work “on the basics” in their business. Brennon was outstanding and really aligned the message for the day. Brennon talked about building a strong foundation in sport, which was bought back to business. Our franchisees left the session both cheering and standing with applause to Brennon’s performance, the message really resonated with the franchise network. Well Done Brennon!
Mortgage Choice
Just a quick thank you for making our NSW conference extra special. The feedback from our members was outstanding. The common theme in our survey response was “Brennon was the highlight of a great conference”.
Choice Home Loans
Just wanted to say what a huge honour and privilege it was to work with you today. The presentation was simply fantastic and the best I have ever seen. To be able to capture the attention of a range of ages and people is a wonderful skill. I have heard nothing but amazing comments from plenty of students, parents and staff all day and they were thrilled to have you at the College. Thank you so much for  the wonderful messages you provided to the students
St Andrew's Anglican College
Our Gen Y delegates described Brennon as one of the most inspirational people they have met and rated his presentation as enjoyable, motivating and a highlight of their week long leadership program. Brennon kept their full attention throughout and they all felt they took something practical away. High praise from these apprentices who regularly tune out on speakers. From an organisers point of view Brennon’s professional approach to understanding the brief and tailoring to meet the audience need was perfect. Brennon is now a “must have” for next years program.
Group Training Australia
Please allow me to congratulate you on an outstanding presentation at our Northern Territory Institute of Sport athletes’ induction day this year. Our feedback reinforced how impressive, engaging and essential your message was to our young athletes in high performance sport. You conveying the virtues of hard work, discipline, trust, perseverance and determination underpinned everything we are hoping to impress upon our young people. Your delivery was sensational, and along with being physically spectacular, it was just sheer entertainment. You have given our athletes, coaches, parents and staff something to truly aspire to. We are delighted to endorse you for any corporate or sporting engagement in the future.
NT Institute of Sport
Brennon delivered a unique, energising, entertaining and quite literally a ‘gold medal’ presentation to a very diverse audience. Brennon definitely managed to pull off to the highest level, all aspects of his presentation. Leaving those who attended feeling inspired, Brennon is certainly one of the best motivational speakers I have seen. With 100% positive feedback, I would have no hesitation in using Brennon again or recommending Brennon to any organisation.”
Logan City Council
People I spoke to really enjoyed your presentation I spoke to one young lady, who is new to the Grain Industry, who said your presentation “was the highlight of the conference for her” Your thoughts on dedication to the objective, getting the basics right and then going through a committed program to build your skills and capacity despite setbacks was inspiring. People who attended the dinner were most impressed
Grain Council of Australia
I found your presentation to be entertaining, informative and inspirational. It was truly superb and the audience were engaged to a level I haven’t seen before. Apart from being the most popular session at our event, the feedback from the audience was extremely positive and rated the best session out of 87 sessions! Congratulations on a job well done and I appreciate all your hard work. I will definitely be in touch for future events.
CPA Australia
Brennon is one of the few presenters that walks the talk. His international success as a gymnast and his presentation of his journey should not be missed. He provides an exciting, invigorating and entertaining experience. I would highly recommend engaging Brennon to lead you and your team to new heights.
Tennis Australia